We regret to announce that due to circumstances within the band and issues beyond our control, the Aldious UK/EU performances have been cancelled. We look forward to welcoming the band overseas in the future

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Aldious – アルディアス

Aldious is a Japanese all-female power metal band from Osaka, formed in 2008 by guitarist Yoshi and vocalist Rami. After a few member changes, they released their debut EP Dear Slave the following year and soon after formed their own record label, Bright Star Records. A stabilized line-up including guitarist Toki, bassist Sawa and drummer Aruto was established by 2010. Their first album Deep Exceed (2010) reached the top 15 on the Oricon chart, as did their second Determination (2011). However, Rami announced she was leaving the group in June 2012 and new vocalist Re:NO joined Aldious just one month later. They produced their third album District Zero in 2013 and it became their highest-charting release to date, reaching number 7.

Their fourth album Dazed and Delight (2014) peaked at number 20, before Aruto left the band in September and was replaced by Marina in April 2015. Their fifth album Radiant A was released in December 2015 and was their first album on the VAA record label and their first released in Europe. After one more album, Unlimited Diffusion (2017), Re:NO left the band at the end of 2018 and was replaced by R!N in August 2019. Aldious have been labelled pioneers of the Girls Metal Band Boom that began in Japan in the 2010s.

2020 is already proving to be an exciting year for the band a new album released on 10 April 2020.
Their first European tour on the horizon and hotly anticipated self-cover album on the way. Aldious is ultimate, Aldious is melodious.

21 oct. 2021


Ouverture des Portes


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